Do you recommend Bing or Facebook Ads for newbies?

by Aniga
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I’m just starting out in promoting CPA offers and I was considering Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. As a newbie, which one of the two platforms is recommended to use? Which one would you recommend?

My Bing Ads account is several years old, so I’m not sure whether I can get a second Bing Ads coupon or not. But since I haven’t created a FB Ads account yet, I think I’m eligible to getting a coupon from them. If I can get a FB coupon, should I choose FB Ads over Bing Ads?

In any case, I would like to know which of the two platforms is most suited to CPA offers and which one is recommend for newbies.

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    Do you know what niches you are interested in?
    Both are great traffic sources. Bing might be a little more forgiving and easier than Facebook.
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      Both are great advertising platforms. FB is great for specific targeting due to the amount of data they collect on account holders, including online buyers.

      A good idea when starting out with any ad campaign is to test & monitor your results. especially when you are looking at 2 different platforms. The one that gives you the best return on investment (ROI) is the one you can scale up for more profits.

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    if you are newbie you should mostly go after Bing...with FB if you are never advertise before and want to give a try you would probably get an account banned, FB is not source of traffic where you can go and learn system through trial and error, because once you brake FB policy rules you will get account permanently closed FB will not sent you a warring to tell you ( your campaign is disapproved due to this and that and tell you changes you should made ) once you screw something with FB ads you will get account banned right away IF you screw something on Bing they will tell you and give you suggestion what changes you should make on Bing to get Ads running...their customer service is much easier to work with and they if you are newbie you should definitely go after Bing with FB only option you should hired professional FB service to run Ads for you never do on your own if you are not familiar with all they policy and TOS....good luck...
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    If balling on a budget, can easily grab a coupon for bing and may be able to find coupon on facebook. Set your daily budget low at 1st, then raise as you get more at ease. If new, look for help, start small and test, then ramp up once going and converting. I would focus on one main ad source1st if brand new, then move on to other mediums once got the other down.
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    Depends on lots of things like your niche, your budget and what are your expectations, but I would choose FB over bing all day long..
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