Do you believe in what you promote?

by yako
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I know many will roll your eyes at this. But lately I am finding myself questioning my affiliate strategies and products. I have this internal voice in my head saying "you know people don't need this...or you know X product doesn't do what they say it does...". And above that I have to include my own strategies trying to sell X product.

I am wondering if you all believe in what you are promoting, or you just don't care as long as it makes you money?

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    I'm not rolling my eyes at all.

    A man must have honor and do what he believes to be right above all else, even including his own life and the lives of others.

    So, when it's something as simple as a product choice, then there is no turmoil, your choice has already been made. You do the right thing always.

    I won't recommend a product to my list if it's not something I know works and will benefit them.

    Even if someone was the most selfish marketer in the world, only recommending great products that work and provide massive benefit will make you more money in the log run.
    People drop off your list when you recommend crap. The loss of subscribers costs you. The fact that even the ones still subscribed don't trust you costs you money.

    You don't want subscribers, you want raving fans.

    End of story: always do what you believe to be right no matter the cost and you will live a contented life.

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    At my blog I only promote things which in believe in and nice question BTW.

    I first use that product say for webhosting and then I suggest my readers to use. This create faith and they always thanks me for suggesting good product.

    So, I believe in what I promote.
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    It's easy to question whether people need ANY consumer product at all. Do people need BMWs? One thing I read is that if you watch how ALL car companies promote their cars, it's usually always about the "lifestyle" a car gives you rather than practical things like getting from point A to point B safely.

    Do people need to buy Hallmark cards for $5 each every holiday?

    As long as you aren't scamming people, I wouldn't worry about. I sell stuff that I would never buy and I think it's overpriced, but if someone wants to spend $50 on an eBook/video and they get 1 decent tip they can use out of it, then maybe it was worth it to them. People waste their money on stupid crap every day so I don't feel bad about it.
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    Some of the stuff I do, others no..
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    Of course, it may make me annoyed sometimes. If it just takes my money but I do not get any brand promotion, I mat consider it wastes my money, effort and time. Anyway, brand promotion is a long journey.

    Believe in yourself and your brand!
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    I believe in what i promote because i have done my research properly. I have learned everything the hard way and i know with whatever decision i take i will make sure that is becomes a success even though i know i might fail but i will still keep trying.
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    I know what you mean, it's getting harder everyday with all the crap offers popping out of nowhere but you still have an option to promote it or not at the end of the day, I only stick with the offer that I believe in
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    In my blog i only promote content related to my website.I always focus on quality of content and try to make attractive content so that people show interest to read this.
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      I can't promote products I don't believe in, if I tried it would be unconvincing and I'd feel guilty. That doesn't mean I have to try everything first, doctor approval/scientific evidence us enough (for physical products). That way I can sell male enhancement products without owning male genitals
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