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Hey all,

I have been running a CPA offer on Bing Ads and have 2 conversions so far. Its a start as im still testing & beginning to optimize. I just have a few questions regarding some things:

1) I am constantly seeing differences in click count across Maxbounty, P202 & Bing for identical time periods. Take today for example: MB - 5 clicks / P202 - 6 clicks / Bing - 0 clicks...Any idea why?

2) A keyword that a got a conversion for, which i saw in P202, was not even in my BING keyword list?? How is that possible??

3) should i raise keyword bids for converting kw's?

4) In prosper tracking link setup, you add a Max CPC, which is self explantory, however what I don't understand is when i try to analyze my P202 data, all the CPC are the same?? How does this help to measure my actual ROI?

5) How would I track individual ads in prosper? So that I can see which ad is getting best CTR & ROI?

thanks for any help that you guys swing my way!

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    1) Bing can be VERY slow to update data.

    2) If you have broad match keywords, it may have triggered your ad with something close to your actual keyword.

    3) You should be collecting data, so just because a kw has a conversion, you should have several conversions before you can really make any accurate decisions.

    4) Not sure about this one...

    5) You can create "text ads" in prosper to track individual ads. So, each ad will have a different link within prosper.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    If you talk to your Affiliate Manager at MaxBounty they can confirm which clicks and leads you're seeing are correct. The ones that are being counted by MB are probably the most accurate and most important, since that's what the advertiser will be paying out on.

    If you want some assistance getting in touch with your AM to ask them any other questions in regards to tracking, feel free to send me a PM.

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    i am looking for someone help me set up prosper for 1 campaign:
    here the process that i am doing in advertising clickbank products:
    i choose several product of clickbank, then i am buying PPC traffic from Bing platform. Then on this platform, i have a lot of keywords that i am bidding on with all of them have Exact and Phrase match type. For each adgroup i am building 2 exacts same ads with 2 different landing page, in order to check wich landing page is more effective. What i want to check on prosper is:
    1- what keywords are the best that bring sales (not only click but conversion)
    2- if any of my keywords that I bid on are typed by the customer, then what is the Query that trigger my ads?(querystring on Bing)
    3-what are the devices that the buyers come from (mobile, desktops, ipad...)
    4- what country are they?
    5-what are the match type of my keywords that was triggered?
    4-witch ads is the winning one? (i want to rotate them)
    5-how to upload the sub ids?

    Can someone hel.p me set up prosper202?
    How much?
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