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Hi all,

So im a little confused with tracking individual text ads... I have setup a tracking link in P202 (step 8) and added it to my ads in Bing. But I realise I need to track each ad separately.

So, how do I do that? Do I setup 4 separate links on step 8 in P202 and for each link I use Tracking ID "c1" and just put in the name of my ad for example?
Or just setup 1 tracking link and add data to the end of the link for each ad (if so, how?)

Then, lastly, how do i add querystring to my tracking link?? I want to see what users are typing into google that is triggering my ad to display. At the moment my link looks like this:{keyword}_{querystring}

Is that correct to track keywords and search terms to trigger my ad?

Any help on the above 2 questions will be greatly appreciated!!

thanks a million

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  • You should use one link and the C1-C4 variables for tracking extra data.

    Also I'd recommend not using {keyword}_{querystring} but instead something like the following:{keyword}&c1={querystring }&c2=ad1{keyword}&c1={querystring }&c2=ad2{keyword}&c1={querystring }&c2=ad3{keyword}&c1={querystring }&c2=ad4

    You want to be able to break down reporting by both keyword and query string since in many cases those two values will be different.

    Also you can track the different text ads on the c2 variable as I've shown in the example link above. More details on the c1-4 variables here:

    The New Prosper202 Tokens: Cool Stuff You Never Knew Was Possible | Nana Gilbert-Baffoe

    Another option which is slower but works well is to use the text ad option in step 5 to create you text ads and assign them to your link in step 8.
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    I'm with Nana, I just use the c1 variable for this
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