Do any of you guys use ContentClick?

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Hi all,

I currently work for ContentClick, on the publisher side of things.

I help people with websites monetize their traffic, and also maintain their CPMs.

Ask me anything you want - about our company, the sign-up process, whether I can help you or not... who your favourite ad network is etc.

Looking forward to talking with you,

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    do you allow promoting affiliate offers on contentclick?
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    The last time I used ContentClick, it only showed up for people in the UK (and some others).

    The FAQ still says "UK, Australia and Canada only" - but maybe the FAQ is not updated.

    Is it the same now? Does it show up for U.S. traffic?
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    Hi Lake,

    We monetize US traffic as well now. If you need any help signing up or have any more questions, give me a shout!

    All the best,

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    Hi Sambeddall i am kind of hoping you could help me out. i got registered and my site was approved for contentclicks my problem is while it sits quite well on my sidebar... it is not working when i try to place it in my blogger html to appear on the footer of every post. but i just get error message each time ... Is there a way around this?
    i have pasted the code below for you to check. thanks

    <div id="contentclick21613"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    (function() {
    var data =
    pub_id: "8050",w_id: "21613",pw: "f8b5ef22abaade", cbust: (new Date()).getTime()
    if (typeof widgetCheck21613 === 'undefined') {
    var u="";
    for(var key in data){u+=key+"="+data[key]+"&"}
    var a = document.createElement("script");
    a.type= 'text/javascript';
    a.src = "" + u;
    a.async = true;
    document.getElementById("contentclick21613").appen dChild(a);
    window.widgetCheck21613 = "set";
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      Hi there,

      apologies for the late reply. Send me a private message and let me know your domain. Then I can look into it for you.


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    what is content click?
    SELL & BUY Adult Traffic
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      Originally Posted by TB Ann View Post

      what is content click?
      Hi TB Ann,

      ContentClick is a content recommendation platform. We help publishers to monetize their content using out widget.

      That's it in a nutshell!

      Let me know if you have any sites you would like to test out with us.


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