Adsense sharing sites?

by chini
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Hi i was wondering if there are any sites e.g. like hubpages which offer adsense sharing with needing to have a adsense account?

In other words, you create the content, add it to their platform, drive traffic, monetize via ads (the platforms own adsense account) and share the profit.

Any ideas.

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    yes few platforms are available but i dont think they gives enough revenue share...

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    here are some sites...


    There are many more sites....please search
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    One of the prefers rules in making money online that you really need to wrap your mind around is return-on-effort.

    Considering the huge amount of changes that HubPages has gone through over the years, the return-on-effort scale has really swung towards negative territory in recent times.

    While some people claim that they’re still making money at HubPages, it really is not worth it.

    There are more lucrative ways to convert every second of your writing effort into cold hard dollars.

    Kindle is a very powerful option.

    Self-published books on your own websites are another powerful option.

    Simple blogging that leads to your own digital content is another powerful option.

    You have to look at your writing endeavours as a source of passive income.

    Are you building passive income for somebody else or are you building passive income for yourself?

    You have to remember that for every second, you invest in your efforts.

    You’re never going to get that second again.

    Make sure that it counts.

    Make sure that it leads to a long-term income-generating strategy.

    This is where the concepts of passive income and return-on-effort intersect.

    Make sure you maximize return-on-effort.

    And I’m sorry to say this but using websites like HubPages for AdSense sharing is simply not going to cut it.

    Build Your Passive Income Empire the SMART WAY
    Pay less / Earn More / Start Earning Faster
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    Squidoo was sold to HubPages and the latter requires you to be constantly changing your article after having been approved as a quality article. It is not passive income at all or set and forget after marketing. All the other revenue sharing sites have been having an even rougher time since all the Google updates. Publishing on your own site is the best option from all accounts.

    "Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened." (Winston Churchill)

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