CPA ' One Page / Email Submit Offers ' High Scrub Rate or it's a fraud ???

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Hello Warriors,

I have been accepted by maxbounty a month ago and to get started, I though it is good to promote Email Submit Offers cause they convert well and have high payouts,, Since I was promoting 2 of their Dating Campaigns , Have a look at the offer ..

Both campaigns will convert on the First page Submit, and pays $8.00/lead to the affiliate. However, I'm showing your screenshot of only one but, both have same payout and convert on first page submit .. I have every targeted traffic from social media, but their is no conversation showing is my report, even my traffic shows me the screenshot that they have created a complete account. not only the first page ,but the creation of account.

Here is the screenshot of the report by maxbounty -

You can see a total number of click on both campaigns are 61 but not even a single conversation. I know I need minimum 50 clicks per campaign to get enough data about it, But when I saw screenshot of a

  • I am going to start my first Bing Ads PPC Campaign in next few days, and I found that Email Submit / First Page Submit offers are useless to be promoted cause they have very high scrub ratio. ... Should I start promoting trial offers or sales instead of Email or Zip Submit??
  • Should a starter Like me have to avoid Email Submit offers ?
  • What will be the best campaign to promote through Bing Ads ?

Your Opinion and Suggestions are welcomed and Will be Appreciated

Thanking, .
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    Have you had your conversion pixel placed on their thank you page? That will give you a much more accurate reading and will ensure you get the proper statistics recorded on your end as well.

    It might very well be that there simply hasn't been one conversion so simply more traffic is needed or an adjustment in the traffic type and better targeting

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    HI Badboy Nick,

    Unfortunately, I was direct linking my domain to the offer page so not able to place any Callbacks . .. Quick Question. Do I need Prosper202 to set up and place my Callback tracking ?

    Yeah seem to be logical, it needs more traffic and better targeting traffic to get a result, but what if I start to promote this by bing Ads and still the same result.. I dont want to lose money
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      Is your ad and the landing page of the offer alligned??

      If not is more than normal that you are converting shit...

      Network EPC is 0,26 which means that only 1 of every 30 converts, so the quantity of traffic you are sending is too low to have statistical significance...

      Plus I would bet my ass that most of the other people on the network are using an intermediate landing page, so probably the conversion rate in the whole process is less than 1/30...and probably their conversion is better than yours because they are using intermidiate Landing pages...
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