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Are there any? I'm talking about replying to ads on CL, not even necessarily posting ads.
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    none that i am aware of
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    That would be nice. But it think it counts as spamming.

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    most companies would rather use craigslist themselves and save the money on commission than to pay someone
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    There were softwares built to do just that (I remember lead portal was one of them), however I don't think it's a feasible marketing model.
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    Most networks that ive come across dont allow it. As mentioned above, many like to do cl themselves.

    Some affiliate managers dont mind if the traffic is converting on the advertisers end. They can still not pay you if they wanted to or steal your idea if they find out what youre doing.

    I check with my am daily or every few days if I see a lot of leads from cl come in and havent had a problem with a network not paying up!

    cl is still powerful if done right
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  • If you take the time to read Craig's TOS you'll see that any legit CPA company would ban you quickly.
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    Most networks say they don't allow it, but unless you're causing craigslist to unleash their lawyers on the CPA network they probably won't care. Unless it's an EDU offer, craigslist traffic for those offers is strictly off limits and if you use it you could end up banned.
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    The way I read Craigslist's Terms Of Use, no affiliate promotions of any kind are allowed.
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    CL can be a good way to build your list and then use that traffic to send your CPA offers. There is a right way to do it, but always check with your AM before you simply start spamming CL users as that won't get you anywhere.
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    None of the biggest CPA network will say you clearly that they allow CL marketing. Many of the CPA networks will ban you if they come to know about it.

    However, if you still want to do CL marketing, then spread the earnings across many CPA networks.

    Try to get leads to CPS offers, many CPA advertisers will not cause any problems if you get leads from CL. On the other hand, some of the advertisers will cause problems if you get leads to CPL offers.

    Try to maintain a good relationship with AM, try to spread your income and be under radar.

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    Agreed. Its best to send craigslist traffic to a neutral site like a blog or other landing page and then try and sell them from them useful content of course

    Plus, most of the time my conversions have been better this way than just trying to send people straight to the offer
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    How exactly do you use craiglist to get visitors yo your site?

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