What's Best for a Mobile CPA Landing Page Building?

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Hey all,

Ok, I didn't want to try to fit all of this into the title.

So, I'm diving into mobile cpa, have took many courses including the expensive ones and have been getting informed of the best ways to promote.

However, not one person/trainer talks much about "where" or "what" mobile landing page builders to use. So, I wanted to come to the forum and see what folks are using.

Now some courses said to direct link, and I get where I can build "ads" (300x250 etc.)
I completely get how to create a banner type ad of any kind. But, what I don't hear a lot of, or anything, is where to create a "mobile landing page".

I do own a mobile website building/developer software but is this what I should go with when building the LP's for mobile? Is there a standard that people use?

I know i may be over thinking this but I just wanted to ask what people out there in mobile cpa are using.

Thanks, all.

Robert C. ------>
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    I suggest a fast loading image on a page. Pretend it's 1997 and your page should load in a few seconds on a 14.4k modem. Honestly notepad++ is all you need. This doesn't leave too much to test either, just the headline, image, CTA, and background color.

    You're not really being specific as far as to what OS, so if you're not interested in building multiple landing pages for each phone (what you should be doing...) then just go for something simple with high CTR. Don't try to pre-sell the prospect too much at this point, just try to perk their interest and get them to the offer.
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    Hire a PHP/HTML developer? You have not to do that yourself, you need to focus on something more important than landing pages, trackers and servers...
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    I'd also recommend to check your LP with device emulators. It can free you from physical checking.
    Also, developing one of the previous ideas, do not overwhelm in with information. 2-5 key words are enough to draw attention and to get noticed.
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