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Hello Experts
I am new in marketing and trying to increase my product sell. Can anyone suggest me How can I increase my sell? and please check my site and let me know if there any problem.
Here I leave the link for your valuable review.
can you please suggest some free methods for marketing?
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    To be honest you need targeted traffic, the type of traffic thats interested in your product, then you need to have a sales funnel in place to convert that traffic into sales.

    I visited your website and when I arrived their is no where on that page where your capturing my contact information so you can keep in touch with me after I have clicked away from your website. If you want some ideas around how to capture your targeted audience feel free to contact me and I can introduce you to a good business coach and lead generation coach

    both will provide you with the ideas and tools you need to help you convert your site visitors into sales

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      Thanks for your valuable suggestion. ok I will put a lead capture box on home page. Can you please suggest few promotional way. I will be happy with that.
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        Hi, do you want to increase traffic of your site?
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          Yes that's why I make a post here for getting suggestions
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    I noticed that you have the Social Media buttons on the top have you created a Facebook fan page, twitter, and google+ account for your website. It not free but once you get the hang of Facebook ads that targeting is very powerful.
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    Make Offer with some resource for your readers & capture their email. Without building email list you'll not be able to make huge sales. Engagement is most important thing that plays the main role to increase your sale. In social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus & TSU build engagement first. Before posting your product review or directly product link on social media, first learn effective ways to build engagement.
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    I visited your website as there are only some pictures, if possible, add a stylish video about your service, product. Also, you need to promote it. No matter what kind of sites, it needs to advertise to get traffic. When it get enough traffic, the conversion rate will be higher.

    Will you consider to make in-app ads? If yes, we can help you.
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    you need to some tips that i given here -
    Sell to customer needs, create and maintain favorable attention, Clarify your mission.

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    Sometimes an item for sale is so commoditized all it really takes is clean UI for your website and the ability to set a good price point. If you're trying to improve your sales conversion I'd make sure to have the right leads first. Ask the right questions and ultimately find a pattern in your client's needs so you don't waste time with low quality leads.
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