Thousands of Adsense Accounts has been Banned this week around World

by fttp
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If your Adsense Account suspended this week, so Do not be sad, you are one of Thousands peoples.
From Asia to Africa and Middle east, Europe ...

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    weird is a Hoax?

    as long you never break the rules ..they will ban you.
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    Do you have any sources, or are you just posting random bullshit?
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    Google does that. But they must have a valid reason for that.
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    today my account is also disabled without any reason and with smooth working...
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    Yup, I can confirm, mass adsense account ban has happened. Although majority of banned accounts have violated TOS there are still few hundred of those who haven't. Mine got banned too, kinda sucks realizing that even though I follow their TOS strictly they still banned me using some stupid algorithm. Have to pay rent in 3 days and have no cash now since I won't receive any adsense payments now. I appealed the ban 2 days ago but still no answer so I'm pretty f*cked.

    learning ''Never put all of your eggs in one basket'' in a very very hard way.
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    A decent replacement network would be or I switched over from AdSense a long time ago. I read a bunch of reviews about malware from Clicksor but I have yet to have a problem. I've been with Clicksor for 3 years and joined there other network YesAdvertising and using that as my default for Popunders

    eCPM is good and fill rate is 100% For yesAdvertisng, it is mostly as CPA network, but you can request only CPM campaigns.
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    Yes, this might be the reason my earnings almost doubled.....

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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