Should I panic or not?

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Here is the deal , I've been trying to push into ppv last year , had to stop for some personal reasons , I spent $6k and got $3.5k back , now I quit my job 3 months ago and want to give ppv a serious second try.

should I panic ? sometimes I just think its not in me and am never going to make it in ppv , so my question is should I start to panic or should I push forward? I been asking myself this for a couple weeks without taking action which is not the solution I know. did anyone had this kind of loss before making decent money in ppv before?

I think my goals are reasonable as well , I don't want to get rich or anything , but consistency was always my problem with ppv, so if I could just get things to work on $30 to $50/day average it would give me some light to push forward.

Any insight is much appreciated guys.

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    Panic, because you are not even capable of correct spelling or grammar. That is a first indicator that you will fail.
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      Originally Posted by Hendrik04 View Post

      Panic, because you are not even capable of correct spelling or grammar. That is a first indicator that you will fail.

      I don't think this is related , I'm not writing for NT or to please your highness , if you got nothing worthwhile to say don't try to be the funny guy.
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    The fact you have made money (maybe not broken even but at least you are seeing money come in) means you have potential, don't give up
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    Don't loose such good amount of money unless you want to test big campaigns for big money, since you said your aim is for $50 a day, you can easily attain that by setting small goals.

    If you are testing an offer which pays $5 per lead, then test it till $10 and if you didn't get any leads means, you need to change it and try another one.

    Its better to spy on your competitors and see what is working for them and then try to make something better than them and start advertising.

    Good luck
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    Almost every advertiser on the internet is losing money, most all of them pay too much, which drives the cost up of advertising for everyone else. This is a sad fact, and it sounds like so far you are just part of the problem, by you paying twice as much as you should, you are not just making yourself broke, but everyone else as well.

    If you are on AdWords, you can combat this by diving into your search terms, find out the ones that make you money, and the ones that lose your money, expand on the good keywords, and add negative keywords accordingly. Eventually you might make some money.

    Most people are overly optimistic about the opportunities still available on the internet, and often their comments reflect that, "fake it till you make it" is rampant on internet forums. You wouldn't believe the amount of people in the t-shirt business paying $200 in advertising for each $10 return. Everyday one goes out of business and another one pops up. We make a meager income directly from advertising, but trust me that is hundreds of hours of refinement, and too many thousands of dollars in experimentation, our negative keywords are far greater than our positive. If your willing and able to go in for the long haul, and work hard, you can probably make a living eventually.

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