Where can you find your Adsense publisher ID?

by M3C
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Ok, so I logged into an old account with Adsense in it and want to get it going but when I click on adsense it tells me my account is currently disabled, here's the entire message:

2015-09-21_1949 - Midas3's library

So I'm filling in the request on the policy violation form, I have no idea why it's been disabled, actually I can't even remember using it but seeing as I've built a brand new site on the domain, I'm presuming whateve the issue was will be moot now.

Anyway, it asks for the publisher ID

2015-09-21_1948 - Midas3's library

But how can you get to that if you can't get to adsense to actually click the gear icon ?


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    Do you have a website where you have places your ads? If yes you can find your publisher ID in html.

    Mass adsense account ban just happened, I suppose they had an algorithm that decided which accounts to ban considering the insane amount of accounts banned. I got mine banned too despite being in AdSense program for many many years and never doing anything against their TOS.

    Unfortunately even if you did nothing bad, the chances are very slim to get your account back. You should try though.
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      Same here, I was also suspended on October 16th, they suspended all my youtube channels on Oct. 1.
      So this mass ban "campaign" happened between September and early October.

      As BAC mentioned about archive, I just found my ID that way and sent an appeal again after 9 months.

      I'm now wondering how they detect my other adsense accounts ?
      Do they check CC number or names ?
      I'm thinking of getting another CC..
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    Nope the website has no ads on it, if it had any, it was 7 or more years ago I would think.

    The account isn't banned.

    It's suspended.

    Unfortunatley I can't complete the request to get it back without the publisher ID, which I can't get because I can't login to adsense!!
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      Do you know the link of the website you had ads 7 years ago? You might get a 7 year old html code using googles cache or https://archive.org/
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    Yeah I know the site but I don't think it hever had adsense on it but will try that thx

    why on earth don#t they just make your publisher ID visible

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    you have two options to get pub id now:

    1. check your website in wayback machine from here Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
    then find old website history from which you can have your pub id by viewing source

    2. visit here: Best Review, Review Web, Analysis and evaluation of domain information
    and search for your domain

    Good Luck!

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