Facebook Ad Approved but Not Serving...?

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Hello Warriors,

I'm currently facing a problem and I hope you guys can help me with this.

I created a campaign to drive traffic to my Teechip design, it got approved but it's not serving, which I don't understand. Here are the specifics for the campaign, ad set and ads:

- Campaign: Website Clicks / URL = my teechip campaign url
- Ad Set: Audience = 92,000 people (USA, male, 21-40, very interested in my niche which I found with audience insights and a very high affinity to the pages I put in "Interests") / daily budget = 7,50€ / Schedule: start and end date for 5 days => Estimated Daily Reach = 1000 - 2700 / Optimize for => Manual PPC , Suggested Bid = 0,06€-0,19€ , my bid = 0,49€ which is really higher to get sure to have my ad displayed but it doesnt seem to work... / run ad all the time / Placement: Desktop Newsfeed only
- Ad: 3 variations with only a different picture.

This morning I tried to switch to oCPC and my ad got served but with stupid stats => Reach = 400 people / 2 Website clicks / 3,12€ per website click...
That is really expensive.

Do you guys have a solution for me please?
I've seen many people doing the exact same thing and getting 0,30$ per click easily, so what's wrong with my setup ?

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