Any one know about google admob ?

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I wan to promote dating CPA offer by google admob. Any one know about admob traffic quality and minimum CPC ?
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    Admob has good quality traffic since its owned by Google.

    Min CPC varies upon country, US will have higher CPC while tier 3 countries like India will have cheaper clicks.

    Good luck running dating though, you might have to cloak to run that.
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    But i really don't think you can promote your dating landing pages with Admob, since Google's simply don't accept bridge pages. Google is not affiliate friendly.
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    Admin quality may be good but they don't like affiliates. I would give a simple advice though , if you are going to use an affiliate link make sure it lands to same destination from every geography. It will get your ad approved for sure. Also admob is just for app traffic.
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    True that google in general is not affiliate friendly. But one must keep in mind that google's cardinal rule and target is to give value to users. So this is really what you should keep in mind when starting up a campaign with google (regardless of the platform you will advertise on). Direct affiliate links are generally speaking not recommended and therefore the bridge page you will provide has to be of value to the visitor in order to get approved. Then your quality score will increase and google will see value in allowing your ads.


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