what do you think about this website ?

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Hi guys,

Whats your opinion about this website and its ads placement ?

Consider that the blank space on top will have an adsense ad and is currently under review.


Let me know whats your suggestions,

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    It's a little busy, and I'm confused as to where the blank space is that you're talking about.

    Overall I find it somewhat confusing to be honest, some components seem to be displaying weird for me as well. (on Firefox)
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    Is it yours or are you looking to advertise there ?

    Either way, the website took like 5min to load on my end, you might want to reconsider
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    I'd remove the footer overlay.

    When I scroll down there is a repitition of the banner advertising the 'Earn 165%'. It is too repetitive.

    Hope this helps
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    Is it paid to click?

    !LoVeGaMiNg! Video Game Store

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    I think the colors and the background are too distracting. Some pictures are missing (from my browser - Firefox). I also think the fonts are a bad choice, makes it look fake/cheap.
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