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Hey Guys

i have 2 questions about MaxBounty ,help me please

1 - My AM Changed , It's normally ?? No worry about my account ??

2 - i want promote an offer with social ,so i selected Banner in Select Creative Type but there is two links to promote it like this :

1 - <a href="http://www.mb01.com/lnk.asp?o=6141&c=69826&a=163664">

2 - <IMG SRC="http://www.mb01.com/getimage.asp?a=163664&m=1834&o=6141&i=69826.dat" width=300 height=250 border=0>

i want tracking the offer with Voluum,who is the link i should enter in Voluum's settings, the first link or the second or both ??

Thanks ,ur the best
#changed #maxbounty

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