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by ina7
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Hello Warrior, i have been in IM for years, but never really take action on CPA.
starting a week ago, i have commit my self to master this field.

i have been in adsense for years, but i hate when Google change his algo and makes my income decrease dramatically, so..let's move on.:smilies_ro lleyes:

what i have done :
- read all the info's about PPV, landing page tracking
- prepare budget for my campaigns and testing ( i prepare around $1k)
- signed up to voluum as my tracking system.
- have been accepted to several networks. but first i think i'm gonna focus to one network.
- have just deposited to PPV traffic souce.

Here is my question :
1. Do you think 1K quite enough for testing, can i see some leads ?
2. Why more experienced affiliate don't recomend email submit offer( i read in some sources) ? what kinda offer do you recomend for starting CPA ?
3. What vertical do you recomend for PPV traffic ?
4. i have VPS hosting, do you think it's enough for my campaign ? should i grab dedicated server? (my vps's monthly price is $60)
5. How long does you take from the first time you learn and test CPA until you see positive ROI ?

Thank you warriorforum

**p.s. sorry for my bad english
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