Do 7search generate high leads for CPA offers?

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Hello everybody

I would like to ask you guys who already use 7search to promote CPA offers ,
does 7search works well for cpa offer ? if yes which kind of offers convert well?

Thanx in an advance response
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    Please do a search on 7search on this forum. The question has been asked many times. You will find mostly negative results, but if you do want to try it, follow the advice many of us have given here before. I personally recommend using first tier PPC.
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    I wouldn't waste the time or money, even if it is pennies ... traffic seems like complete junk.
    They Say You Can't...Show Them How
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      From what I've read it doesn't seem like they're any good anymore. I personally wouldn't take the risk but maybe you could test it out. Their minimum deposit is $50.
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    I used to use them for some CPA and other stuff...this was 4-5 years back I think. It was not bad, but not good either so I kinda moved on from it. I have no idea how the current results are from 7search, but I know there are some threads in here that can answer your questions.
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