How to find direct deals?

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I've been doing some good volume with a few advertisers recently (mostly Health and Sweeps) with CPA Networks, but I want to find out who's the advertiser and contact them directly.

I got all the offer's landing pages tried to look into the 'contact us', 'privacy', 'terms of us' sections and got some Phone numbers and emails.

However all the time when I email them, I got NO answer and if I call them it's only a support center and they know nothing about who's marketing these offers.

Don't really know how to get in touch with them now. Any advanced idea? Please feel free to PM me if you don't want to post it in this thread.

I'd be very generous if someone would tell me a method of how to contact these "hidden" advertisers.

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    Basically, it's a pretty shitty thing to do.
    CPA networks work hard to find the advertisers, and give you access to them - while often only making 10-20% of the overall revenue.

    Contacting the advertisers directly is a big no-no, which will get you blacklisted by most CPA networks. Additionally, a lot of the advertisers prefer to work with CPA shops as they deal with the payment hassles, and quality control, that the advertiser just doesn't have time for.
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    Quite sure one can find these advertisers on Linkedin. Make sure you narrow down your search to the health and beauty industry.
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    You should read the terms of your affiliate agreement with the CPA networks first before even attempting this. Many have clauses that forbid this and make you agree to pay them significant sums of money if you break that specific part of the agreement. I don't know what CPA networks you are working with, so don't know if that applies specifically to you, but you should certainly find out for yourself. Even if you are working with one that doesn't specify that, it's seen as bad practice by both the networks and advertisers in most cases.
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    Thanks for the answers everyone. I'm not working with CPA networks anymore and only want to do direct deals. Any more suggestion?
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