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First we will start with basic information.

Meet Cost Per Action, Know Profits Online

On one side of the coin, a lot of people don't know about CPA or cost per action. On the other side, a lot of people are enjoying the big profits from their CPA marketing.

If you are on the side of the coin with people who do not know about CPA, then this article is for you.

You might have encountered web pages where you will be asked to fill in a small form with your zip code or maybe your email address. In exchange for your information, you are getting freebie goods or some sought after information. If you fill up these forms then that is good and you have been encountering CPA in your life for quite a while now.

Here are the major players in that business loop:


Business owners take advantage of the power of information and launch programs to know more about their market. Advertisements of CPA are specifically designed for this purpose. Big companies compile a database of their market profiles in different places to address their needs for new products, innovations, and other business stuff.

The ads that you will see on online pages will offer you a prize and the company in return will know, for example, how many people in a certain zip code care to know about certain products.


You maybe wondering how you ended up going to that CPA ad. There are people who do this for a living, or as source of their extra income, or the affiliates.

The user will end up filling up some needed information to get freebies when they see certain advertisements or links that are strategically launched or placed by the affiliate in certain pages of the net.

The affiliate will get some fees for convincing you to take action and give the information needed by the advertisers.

Cost Per Action Networks

In the CPA profits business, Cost per Action networks are in the middle of things. They act as bridges so advertisers can reach the affiliates.

The network deals with the advertisers and design the ads needed for their campaigns. They are also responsible for the strict process of recruiting affiliates who will push for the ads to the consumers. The CPA network also runs the efficient system of payment to distribute the profits to the affiliates.

Getting Started with CPA, Apply as an Affiliate

Capitalizing on the opportunity of making money online through CPA or Cost per Action or Acquisition campaigns starts by being an affiliate of a CPA network.

CPA networks acts as the middlemen in this business. You do not directly deal with the advertisers or businesses but go through the CPA networks. All logistics are managed by the CPA networks. They handle designing the ads to the payment systems which will put the profits into your pockets.


Filling up an online form is very easy. They usually just ask for very basic information about yourself and what you do. Most affiliate networks do not collect fees when you sign up. This encourages quality potential ad marketers to join and start pushing for their offers.

The affiliate networks though are a bit strict when it comes to accepting affiliates. Popular CPA networks will require their affiliates with high traffic websites before approving an application.

If you are managing a website, it will be best to make sure that you meet the requirements of the CPA network. Read through their standards and see if you will qualify. It may be possible to make some adjustments to your site so you can meet their qualifications rather than risk being turned down.

In case, you don't have a website yet, you can always go to smaller networks and climb your way up the ladder.

It may be a common scenario for affiliate applicants being turned down by CPA networks. If this happens to you, don't easily give up. You can try to call them up and see how you can go about it. In the event that they still reject your application then just move on to the next affiliate network.

Phone Interview

Good CPA networks usually interview affiliate applicants over the phone. When you fill up the form on their website, make sure to indicate a valid phone number where they can contact you and be sure that you will be there to pick it up on the time you indicated.
Remember that you are dealing with real people when you apply for affiliate networks. They can tell and have means to know if you are not being honest with them.

Key to Big Profits: Choosing the Right Audience for Your CPA Offer

Knowing how your target market reacts to your CPA offers is vital to your success. A right audience for a right product is key in pocketing those big profits. A $2 profit for an action can spell a big difference to your bank account if you present this to an eager 8000 people.

You can employ some techniques to know that you are sending the right offer to the right people:

Audience Test

Your landing page should be seen by the right people. These consumers may vary in demographics but it will be ideal if you hit the group which will grab the offer without any hesitation.

You can test the audience and see if they will react to an offer. Let's stay start with your family and circle of friends. You don't have to tell them it is you sending them an offer but you will get back results that will give you a gauge if such offer has great potentials or not.

This technique will not cost you anything but give back very good feedbacks that can help you plan out your approach.

Engage the Audience

You will not have to test your audience for offers most of the time if you can find the most engaging offers to present to them. The key is knowing what your market needs.

Every population or group has a certain problem to solve. Provide them with that solution and you will hear the constant ringing of your cash register.

Master this technique and you can capitalize on the opportunity offering solutions to millions of people going on the internet everyday.

Numbers Game

The CPA business is a numbers game. You need to learn how to explore different offers coming from different networks. You will discover variety in very similar products and you will learn how to be sensitive on things that work or not.

Be wise and monetized your Domain

A lot of people search for domains by entering them in the search field of search engines. They are assuming that the top result will be the one they are looking for.

You can capitalized on these by investing on keywords that are highly relevant to the domains people are searching for. Your ads will appear on the search engines as it displays the search results for this group of consumers. They are laser guided internet users which can give you quick profits.

With this technique, you have to consider your costs which of course should be way below what you can make.

How Do you Promote Offers so CPA Profits will Start Pouring In

Once you have chosen offers that you will use in your CPA campaigns, it is vital that you promote them right away. Profit will only start coming in when traffic starts hitting your ads.

You Own Website

An existing website is a great tool to push for your CPA offers. The traffic you are getting on that website provides a great opportunity to create an extra stream of income.

When placing CPA ads on your own website, make sure that they are relevant to your content. It might be confusing to your readers if you will put an ad for cosmetics on a financial blog for example. It is also not advisable to place CPA offers on a sales page since it will make that page ineffective.

CPA offers are very effective if you will use them on your high quality content, authority websites.

Promoting CPA offers in Specifically Designed Websites

You can put up a page or hire a third party to display your CPA offers. The next step after that will be for you to bring the necessary traffic so you can bring home the CPA profits.

One popular way of bringing people to that page is through pay per click or PPC. This system will bring the herd of visitors you need to get the return of your investments fast.

Make sure that you monitor the results of your CPA to PPC campaigns. You have PPC costs to cover and you want to make sure you are earning more to have the money to pay for them.

Remove expired offers as soon as possible to avoid paying for clicks that will not lead to any income on your part.

Lead Generation and Squeeze Page

CPA offers can also be profitable when you promote them through lead generation or squeeze pages. This is a double blade tool since you get to build your list that you can use for business and you get to offer them more CPA campaigns.

These are some of the basic methods you can play with to gain bigger profits through CPA offers.

How CPA can be a Good Source of Income

Amid the tough economic times, everyone is looking for an extra stream of income. Opportunities are everywhere during difficult periods and the internet is a haven for cash cow seekers.

On the internet, a popular way to earn money is through affiliate networks. There are programs which will pay you for convincing people to purchase goods or services. There are also networks that will compensate for clicks made on specific advertisement. What is best of all these are the cost per action networks that pays you for every action completed by a consumer.

  1. No required sales. You don't have to push a product or service real hard to anyone to make any money. CPA or cost per action will give you the profit when you convince people to give bits of information like their zip code or email address.
  2. The information collected by the advertisers are crucial for the long term goals of their companies.
  3. CPA Ads are Consumer Magnets. What can you say about free gifts like vouchers, discount cards, or freebie items? No one can resist them in exchange for some information about you. Consumers take down their guards when they see these things online.
  4. The CPA programs attract people and all you have to do is show consumers where these CPA programs are online.
  5. Easy Money. No one will deny that CPA profits are quite more lucrative than most sales commissions online. Since visitors really do not have to spend their money to buy, they are easier to convince to put in their information. In effect, profits are sent to your bank account.
  6. Big Businesses use CPA Networks. CPA profits are cash cows of a lot of people because big businesses know that it is the in thing of online money making. Aside from these, big advertisers know that CPA networks have very strict rules in accepting affiliates. Best of both worlds-- their businesses protected and you take home a chunk of their earnings.
  7. No websites needed. Websites are not a requirement to gain CPA profits. Most of the CPA networks provide excellent landing pages. You can use social networking or email campaigns to bring traffic to these landing pages and the system will be working for you.
Choosing the Right CPA Offers to Push For

What you must remember when choosing the right CPA offer to push to internet users is that the lesser actions required the better. As you go along the CPA marketing path, you will notice that there will be campaigns that make money and there will be sleeping offers.

The key to CPA profits is to promote the right offers. It is common sense, offer what people need and you will get the action needed to pocket the profits.

Target Traffic

It is important to think of your traffic as number one in your list of to do's in affiliate marketing. People will have different characters, needs, and motivations. Ask yourself if your potential traffic will be young? May be vain? Emotional? Desperate?

You want offers who will appeal to the crowd that will be easily persuaded to take action. The CPA profits are in that crowd. You are after a group of people who will not think twice to take an offer.

Remember, every person filling up those forms means profit for you. Knowing your market is key to your CPA profits.

Required Action

CPA marketing aims at people who are online. You do not spend hours on a single page online but rather a few minutes or a few seconds. This behavior is your gauge how to choose the right CPA offer.

Requiring someone to fill up a single space is far better than asking them to supply three basic information. Remember, less action, less time equals more profits.

Success of an offer also depends on the information that it requires. If you are the online user, you would rather give a zip code than giving your email or your social security number. Fraud is everywhere and everyone is very hesitant to give out any information, especially online.

Don't be Afraid to Explore

Competition is very stiff in the CPA world. You don't have to always offer what others offer. Money may come with the hot deals but don't be afraid to explore on offers not being pushed by everyone. Who knows if you will be the first to pocket that big profit from that product?

You can explore and veer away from common offers that give away MP3 players, cosmetics, and other usual stuff. Think of the saturation of those campaigns and try to search for something that may be more profitable for you.

A List of Tactics to Help You Bring Home Big CPA Profits

CPA marketing can be a very lucrative business. Know the right tactics and you are in for some big take home cash:

1. Understand what is Cost Per Action

Before starting with the business at least try to know the basic concepts and ideas. Do some reading or learn from someone who has some experience on CPA marketing.

2. Know the Limits of Your Budget

CPA marketing may involve some investment. Consider the benefits if you are risking part of your budget to bring some traffic to your campaign.

3. Monitor Your CPA Offer

In reality, not all CPA offers will be a cash cow. There will be CPA campaigns that cannot bring you the profits you expect. What is important is you track the business and learn to adjust. It is also important to know when to let go of an offer.

4. Target Your Market

Knowing your market is key to your CPA success. Know which offers are right for a certain group of people. Know which will click and which will not.

5. Join a Reliable Affiliate Network

At the end of the day, you want results and you want profits. You do not want to waste your time with a company that cannot pay you after all your efforts to push for their offers.

6. Explore Possibilities

Don't be contented with a number of successful campaigns. The market online never sleeps. Look for other offers which you can play and see the potentials of other products before you.

7. Right Keywords

People will end up on your page because of these keywords. Hone your skills to search for the right keywords and know how to use them properly.

8. Keep the Competition on Your Radar

Always be on the lookout for things your competition may launch. Competition is very stiff on online marketing and being ahead of the pack is always best to get the biggest of profits.

9. Grab Attention

Promote. Promote. Promote. You need to drive traffic to your page so more people will see the offer and do what you expect them to do-- grab the offer.

10. Build Your List

Expand your lists to the fullest that you can. Having more people in your database provides more opportunities to offer more products to a more diverse crowd.

Playing with the Right Keywords can Help Take home the CPA Profits

People find things online by entering keywords on search engines. CPA offers are no exception and people will be lead to your landing page by these keywords.

Excellent keyword research and keyword list can spell the difference between CPA success and failure. With CPA marketing, large keywords lists work best.

Basic Keywords

Your base keywords will depend on the CPA offer you will be running. Search for keywords that are highly relevant to the offer that you will be launching.

Start off by searching for keywords that are directly related to the offer. If you are offering about six pack abs programs then build on that. You can then follow this up with specific products pointing to your offer which may range from diet courses, exercise equipment, diet pills or supplements, and the works.

Keyword Variations

How people enter keywords on search engines may vary. A lot of people will enter the exact words or phrases but may also input them in different ways.

Once you have your base keywords, look for possible variations like people entering their singular or plural forms. There will be also cases when people misspell or join some keywords.

Remember that these variations may be some of your most profitable ones.

Turning Keywords into Domain Names

You will need an address on the online world so people can go to your spot to fill up those CPA information spaces. Your keywords will play a big role in coming up with an attractive domain name. These domain names will be luring the search engines and the internet users.

There are tools online that you can use to come up with powerful domain names. You can also research for other websites which attract the same demographics you are targeting. It is not bad to look at things that work for other people.

There are a lot of ways to maximize the potentials of good keywords in winning those CPA profits. These are the only basic ones you need to master and to continually improve on. Remember that the right keywords will give you unmatched edge in your CPA marketing.

Bringing Home the Profits by Joining the Right CPA Networks

Be at the right place at the right time.

This phrase best applies to any kind of business including CPA or Cost Per Action marketing. You cannot expect big profits from this online money stream if you are in the wrong CPA network and if you are pushing for the wrong products.

It is crucial to be in the right CPA network that has a very good system in terms of their campaign and pay out methods. How exactly do you search for that? Here are some tips that can help you out:


Every CPA network in all corners of the internet will tell you they are the best partner with the best systems and biggest pay outs. Do not be fooled by such claims. In every business, take calculated risk.

There is no guarantee that one is a good network but testimonials from people who have experienced earning in a particular network can definitely attest if they're good business partners.

Timely Payment

Most CPA networks issue monthly pay outs with a set minimum. It will be a nice test of the system to withdraw once you have the minimum amount. You don't want to deal with a network who can not take care of their affiliates.

Fresh Offers

Look for a network that always offers hot deals in the market. Consumers are very wise and know if they are being offered old products which will not work for them anymore.

Fresh offers will also give you an opportunity to launch new campaigns and let go of unprofitable ones.

More Profits for More Sales

It is just fair that you get more fruits when you have more trees. Networks should offer bigger rewards for affiliates who give them big volumes of sales.

Monitoring Tools and Excellent Ad Graphics

Check out CPA networks that can provide you tools to monitor the business. These tools will give you access to statistics which can help you plan your next moves.

Excellent graphics for your campaigns are also a big help to lure in potential customers.

You can make this list as your checklist. Once they are all good with a CPA network, you are good to go. Start working and pocket those CPA profits.

I hope you have liked this thread.

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