OMG I just got accepted by ADZOOGLE CPA Network!

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This CPA network is free to join unlike some others I could mention. I filled out my application and said I was an experienced in PPC. I also manged to get one of their reps on to my AOL buddy list and mentioned him as a referrer. Also mentioned I was a member of Commission Junction CPA network. Oh and I have only been going one month. Lol
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    Not to be a pain, but it's actually Azoogle
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      Originally Posted by phebe View Post

      Do not sign up for affiliatejump ; it's a scam !
      My experience with Affiliatejump :
      They do not answer when you submit a support ticket.
      The program is extremely expensive ; I chose the 99.95 $ option (monthly). The first time you have to pay 200 $ extra (account setup & activation fee);
      you'll get it back when you earn 1000 $ in commissions within 6 months (not automatically - you'll have to ask for it)
      For 39.95 per month you can make 4 webpages, for 89.95 you can make 16 pages and 100 pages cost 99.95 $ per month.
      AffiliateJump has bought some domainnames ; you can only create subdomains (only if your competition hasn't created it before)
      One big problem : the domains aren't live yet ; so aren't the subdomains, which means you cannot promote your webpages (and therefore you'll earn nothing)
      Every page shows 3 offers max.
      If you live outside the US, you cannot see (or check) the offers you make (you're shown the same page for free animated cursors over and over again) which means you cannot send most
      offers to your non-US list.
      Every page you make, has a small opt-in form where your visitors can subscribe for more info. These e-mail adresses are not added to your list however, which means you pay these people
      a lot of money every month to build their list.
      More problems with the program :
      - Settings can be altered, but are not saved
      - Learning area : only video's, nothing in writing
      - Affiliate link does not work (you cannot subscribe, even if you wanted to)
      - Bonuses link does not work (so they cannot be downloaded )
      Hope this helped !

      What does this have to do with Azoogle?
      **The #1 Secret & Strategies Used by SUPER AFFILIATES** [FREE BLUEPRINT DOWNLOAD HERE]
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    I've never come across any networks that you have to pay to get in. Getting into CPA networks is easy just apply and ring them or get them on AIM, am also from the UK and have had no problem getting into 20+ of the major networks (with the exception of Hydra).

    Good Luck, save your OMG for when you make some good money with them
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    Cool man. Now apply to a few other networks and begin getting traffic to your offers.

    Good luck
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    Maxbounty and Neverblueads are good too.
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      Never pay to get into a CPA network..they need us to make money..yes..??
      So many to choose from..
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        That's excellent 'Competitve',

        It seems like its pretty hard. I've got a great flash website created, years of marketing experience, but not too much traffic to my websites! So don't think I've got much chance.

        Can anyone help me as a referrer who's already into one of the networks please? I haven't quite finished applying to them yet, as my whois details don't reflect my current business status.

        They tell me 24 hours, I haven't been able to verify this, but until they update I don't want to apply.

        Anyway good luck with it. Zerofriction seems to be a good product as far as I can determine for getting to know cpa.

        Please write in and tell us how you're going with it. Can you help me with a PM with the CEO guy's name perhaps? Guaranteed anonymity. Thanks.
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    1. You don't need any traffic to your websites, you don't even need a website. There are tons of threads on this forum and on other forums on how to answer all the questions. Short version: Tell them you do PPC, you customize websites for the products, you will throw in a few grand to test (they won't verify this).

    2. After you fill out the application, YOU call THEM. Don't wait for them to call. I'm in all of the major CPA networks, I just filled out the applications, called them 1h later and told them to move their butts and get me approved, and that's what they did. This is sales, be proactive, show them that you're game!
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