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Any of you used Traffic Monsoon to promote CPA offers? They have very cheap ad packages. How's the quality of traffic?

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    From everything I've heard, it's pretty bad/poor quality
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      From my experience all i can say is stay away from traffic monsoon.they have low quality traffic if you want to send traffic to cpa offers you can use facebook advertising.but you have to do your homework first.
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    Not only is it low quality traffic, the advertiser will likely ban you for using it.
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    There are alot other traffic sources that you can try instead of going to TrafficMonsoon.
    I think you'll be wasting your time and money.
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    Originally Posted by Sandakelum View Post


    Any of you used Traffic Monsoon to promote CPA offers? They have very cheap ad packages. How's the quality of traffic?


    I wouldn't recommend it. Look into Facebook ads. They are high quality in my opinion.

    Goodluck, you can do it!
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    you can promote your campaigns via PPV traffic sources like Leadimpact and Trafficvance.
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      HI! I've been seriously thinking about joining Traffic Monsoon.

      I know the creator of it has had issues in the past that are not good.

      But I've heard that TM is now in the process of creating their own bank instead of using PayPal and other payment processors.

      I've also heard that they are going to eventually revise their website and cater to blue chip corporations. I've even heard that there are already a few blue chip corporations advertising on their site, though I have not verified this.

      The risk is that TM will fail. But this risk is true for any business. I'm hoping the creator of this business has learned from his mistakes, but only time will tell.

      I've been waiting for the new bank payment system to be completed before I join, though this may take some time. The reason I've been waiting for this is because it seems like it will be a hassle to join via PayPal and then have to start over by transferring to the bank.

      In theory, if and only if the creator of this program and his management team do things right, and if they really do attract advertising from lots of blue chip corporations, this program could truly explode! It could create incomes for people all over the world, and it could create a whole new way for large companies to advertise their products and services.

      Imagine seeing ads for Wal Mart, Best Buy, Ford, Target, Microsoft, etc.!

      I'd really appreciate comments from anyone on the Forum about this post.

      Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

      warm sunshine
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    Don't be fooled. It is a scam just like his previous scams. And the fact that he's making his own "bank" should scare the heck out of you and raise so many red flags that you're drowning in them. He's only out to make himself money at everyone else's expense. Do what you want, but go into it with your eyes wide open. Don't be fooled by the easy money promised. That's what happened to all of his previous victims too.
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    There are some good rev. shares out there not just TM. I'm in a few myself, but without a doubt TM traffic is junk.

    The only way to make real good money in TM is to build up a nice amount of "Active Ref." And of course to purchase adpacks. At the moment I have around 100 active adpacks with TM.
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