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by nitt
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#1 Hello,
Recently i have made one seo tools website, and i want to approve Adsense here
Please review my site and guide me what next i will have to do for Adsense

URL : Majestic Trust Flow & Citation Flow Checker -

Thanking you!
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    Its plain stupidity if you promote adsense on such sites. Promoting seo offers is a better option.
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    Because adsense won't convert well and you will be paid in cents per click and you will hardly earn around 5-10$ with a cpc of 0.20 and with the average ctr taken as 2 for 1000 visitors. Don't you think you can do better by promoting seo services ?
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      Yes, but i have around 10k page view /day and my site visitor increase continuously so i thought about Adsense
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    Pm me your skype, i might have better offers for you.
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    i think you might not get approval from adsense as there is no content in website. If you have adsense account already then you can use it in such website but you want to apply for new account with such niche then it will be almost impossible to get approved.


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    You can get some fiverr guy to get your Adsense approval.

    This way it is easy and a time saver. Just check on and you can definitely find someone that will help you get an approved account.

    If you sell a service, why place adsense there again?

    You will be losing a lot of sales and money in the long run doing this. I will suggest you build your site to generate leads, and nurture those leads to become customers.

    SEO services brings recurring money, Google adsense money fads if your traffic fads.

    PM to discuss more on this. I can help you convert those traffic of yours.
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