Inc. 500 - highest earning CPA networks

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According to the Inc. 500 list, the top CPA networks in 2008 were:

$108.6 million in revenue
571.9% growth

Integraclick (Clickbooth)
$96.4 million in revenue
12,654.4% growth

Intermark Media (Copeac)
$56.9 million in revenue
754.5% growth

Lead Flash
$49.9 million in revenue
762.9% growth

MediaTrust (Advaliant)
$38.3 million in revenue
9,481.1% growth

Top 100 Inc.500|5000 Companies by Industry -- Advertising & Marketing
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    that list is actually pretty interesting...just to see how much these CPA networks actually make

    Hydra being at the top of the list makes sense considering they have the highest payouts (from what i've noticed)

    I noticed AdBrite made over 31 million (I know they're not a CPA network) which is funny because many people on this forum (myself included) have tried AdBrite with poor results, so I'm betting A TON of money they make comes from people just testing it out and not actually getting results with it
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    Those numbers are nice, but they're gross revenue, not net.

    Huge difference between the two.

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  • How much do you think they net? That would be interesting to know. Of course before payments for employees, etc... are considered.
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    10-20% is common for most businesses after all costs but before taxes
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    How about Azoogle? I see all big players promote them with popular products.
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