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Hello, Adsense Expert.

I am using adsense monetization since 1 year but, still i don't able to make more then $10 to $15 per day. I want to increase it. Also, i found below video on youtube. They said, you can triple your adsense earnings. Is it really works ...

YT Video :
Please suggest me. Should i do it ?
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    I'm wary of anything that advertises itself with "Quick Tricks"

    There are no quick tricks. There is hard work and there is smart work which usually also involves hard work.

    You either have a content problem, a traffic problem a layout problem or a combination of the three.

    If you don't have enough traffic, then start researching on how to get more.

    If your content sucks then no one is going to share it, link to it or come back so figure out how to make it better or more compelling.

    If your ad layout sucks then you'll want to experiement with different ad positions, styles, etc.
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    add more and more quality content your revenue will automatically increased as you'll have increased visitors.

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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      is like this.

      I use to believe wow within months my adsense can increase to 10 dollars , 20 and so on.

      but after one year I still can't earn this constant amounts.

      indeed need a lot of patience and hard work.
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    Don't bother with this!
    A Quote from the Video,
    this trick is 100% safe for Adsense Sites.

    The key to earning poorly from Adsense is due to those thoughts.

    ... DONT build Adsense Sites. Build sites with quality content 10 times better that what is currently ranked for your target audience. That is how you will succeed
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