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please i want someone to help me , my account adsense was closed after 7 month , now i create a new websites with the 200 posts and i register in google adsense , my account know in review 12 days without request what i can do i contact google adsense , can some one help me to complete this review , it's normal to revieve a request after 1 day or 2.


If some here know a website sell the account adsense verfied

Thank's for all
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    If you have an previously closed account do not open a new adsense account in your name. Google will identify you and will close your new account. The best way would be to open a new account in someone else's name, may be your brother, wife or parent or similar and apply with a new website. Do not link with anything that was done previously. I.e. Never put the ad on old website that got your account banned.
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    totally agree! all new identity and even your pc/laptop needs to be different.
    This is quite normal these days to take this long for approvals as its all manually done and to track down anyone like your self opening new accounts
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    getting new adsense account is not typical task as you'll need new domain and new mobile number

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      I might have a totally above board legitimate option for you to get your new site back into the google world but it will still have to pass a manual review. So if you are sure it's a Google compliant site toss me a message.
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