My sites generate almost 10million Impressions in 3 months, How can I use this traffic at best?

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I have four sites that generate almost 10 Million impressions in 3 months. I am currently running few AdSense ads on my sites and a CPM from mgid (That kinda sucks). How can I perfectly utilize this traffic?

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    i suggest taking some pop ups/under from admaven, they pay good money for high volumes of traffic.
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    You can sell media space and promote affiliate links.
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    Have you tried Tribalfusion ad network?

    What kind of traffic is it? and from which geo does your most visitors come from?
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    Based on these numbers you should be getting decent rewards from Adsense. Check out my thread or message me and i can give you more in-depth analysis and optimizations tips on your site.
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    You can also signup and display ads of other good ad networks like, buysellads, infolinks. also pays good rate per click. You can also signup with some good affiliate networks and select products you like to promote, for better result it should be related to your niche.
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    heard of some thing called adpad or something whihc is similar to adsense .. google it .im not sure if thats the correct name ..but i saw some blogger earning heaps with it apart from adsense
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    Why you are using few adsense ads ? for good result place the adsense ads on all the content pages of your site. The more ads will generate more clicks / earnings. But not place more the three ads on a page because it is against their TOS. I suggest you to focus on adsense more, it is a very good way to utilize your sites traffic.
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    What percent of this traffic is good or may get good conversion
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