Why Google Adsense is paying very low

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I started working on adsense before few days ago and I noticed adsense is paying very low compare to 6 years ago.It is paying almost similar to infolinks Why so ? what is content revenue share ? why is not 100% ? what tricks we can use to increase adsense earning in real way.

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    First, this isn't the right section to post in . It should have been posted in the Ad Networks sections.

    I don't know why you think you should get 100% of the share. Why do you think Google should give you all their money. They do give 68% for content publishers. If they gave 100% there would be no reason for them to exist since they would be operating at a loss.

    Advertisers determine what they are willing to bid. Fewer advertisers are willing to bid on display because of the greater amount of risk/fraud and those that do bid, bid significantly less because of the lower rate of return.

    There are also more restrictions than there were 6 years ago, which means less of the scammy advertisers that used to thrive on the display network.

    There is also retargeting and user-interest ads that can be displayed, that while in some cases may increase clicks, may be lower value keywords than what the keywords on your site normally would make.

    Of course over 6 years, users have also caught on to a lot of the ad tricks that used to be pulled and click less. They also have ad blockers. The value of your website may have decreased in the eyes of users and advertisers as well over the last 6 years. Again, not as many people are not falling for the stuff they did years ago.

    All these things and several more contribute to people making less money with adsense than they used to. Of course there are people still making a lot of money as well.
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    I agree .Sorry for posting in wring section . But still I need many suggestions related to increasing adsense earning. Soon I will publish this thread in right section too,
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    keep ad units numbers max to 2 at right spot then you'll have increased adsense earnings.

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