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I have a high traffic site. My web site doesn't have any content: it provides tools for converting online media etc (I cannot disclose the site name).

Can you please suggest a way to monetize my traffic? Unfortunately, Adsense decided to block me, because I wasn't providing original content and now I'm in a very difficult situation where I have no income.

I tried some other ad networks but the CPM is way lower than that of Adsense.
I don't want to use Popup/Popunder ads.

Any suggestions are welcome!

P.S. Does it make sense in my case to look for CPA offers? Be an affiliate?
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    How much traffic does the site get?
    Do you know your demographics?
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    Affiliate marketing might be the best for you, there are a lot of related to your work.
    If not, you can try, almost as good as Adsense, also infolinks in text and in article ads might be good, if you have a good traffic the pay is like 1/3 of adsense

    Jim Jason - Product Reviews Affiliate

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    There are many other high paying alternatives available use them....

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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    Try to build an email list from the visitors and this will allow you to make more money than ads onthe site.
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    you can use adhitz
    DO YOU HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT ? Do This And Make Money By Tomorrow! Month After Month
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    I guess you can try list building and affiliate marketing?
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    Well have you tried to display advertisement option? You can add relevant CPA offers. Just check it out on offervault and I am sure you will something to work with.
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    Try other ad sites like, taboola, infolinks, outbrain
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  • i suggested you to put some original content into your website and try native advertising. this is a type of advertising which is latest in ad revenue generation and can earn you huge amount of money for single click or views. for some ad network ad cpm goes over 10usd, one of the best ad network for native advertising is which i can trusted upon because i have a good experience with them.
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    If you don't want pop networks I suggest to try native such as Taboola or Outbrain.
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    This is a great way to monetize legitimate money making opportunities. Get good traffic on the web and provide your site with some good SERP's
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    Payclick can be a reference too. I use it already. The payment is on time per week, and the widget is easy to install
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    You can for example:
    -Display ads on your site.
    -Promote products and earn a commission as an affiliate marketer.
    -Sell products directly on your site.
    -Sell ad space directly to advertisers.
    -Ask visitors to "donate."
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