Requirements for becoming an advertiser at CJ, LinkShare, Peerfly?

by yako
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I am always on the other side, as a puboisher. But I was wondering lately what would the requirements be in order to join any of those networks (or any other like ClickBank, etc) as an Advertiser and pay affiliates?

Also, how hard is once you are on the network to get affiliates to promote your products? Do you think it is only about a good deal or you also need to spend on advertising in order to get more affiliates?

Any tips will be appreciated!
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    Each network will be different.. why not just start contacting a few networks and see what they say??
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      Thanks Chris, yes, I guess I will have to do that. I am curious about the amount they need to open an account.
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    Joining CJ and Linkshare would be very difficult and expensive. They are looking for well established companies with a sizable revenue. Shareasale would be easier and cheaper.

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