4 months after i revamp my site daily adsense at least 1 dollars.

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wonder consider a decent earning on this kind of rate?

Last year dec , I decided to revamp my site as my adsense earnings hardly can reach 1 dollar daily.
only few days

than I decided to revamp my site last year around dec and till now earnings seem " ok " before revamp which I start the site last year around May

I should say not consistent 1 dollars now ..at least I don't get just few pennies like 0.05 ...
lowest ...is 0.20 cent highest about 2 dollars but I see now slightly improve as I don't have days only just earn 0.05 cent.

I dealing with health and fitness and I do know initial is a tough nut to crack but my hobby also is about fitness so I do this niche.

I see other claim they can managed to earn 20 dollars within 4 months well perhaps their niche is more unique in the sense perhaps CPC is a lot

for me I follow one WR enigma here about ad placement , etc it does improve but perhaps due to my keywords hard to rank , contents , etc , so I revamp it.

so summary is it a " Justify rate " about one dollar per month for a 4 month site?
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    adsense earning never based on age of site.....if you stop adding quality content then your rankings will down so revenue from adsense.

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