Google Adsense Policy For Sites With Adult Based Content?

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Hey guys,

Bit confused over Google Adsense adult content policy and just want some clarity.

I have a site in the men's lifestyle niche, which contains a mixture of different content.

Very similar to

The site has content on topics like how to perform better in bed, how to get laid (adult) but other content like how to wear a suite, top places to take your girlfriend, how to become productive, etc.

In the Adsense content policies it saids:

If you're unsure about whether or not something might be considered adult content, our general rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn't want a child to see the content or you would be embarrassed to view the page at work in front of colleagues, then you should not place ad code on it.

I believe some of my content violates this rule of thumb but other content doesn't.

BUT on this Google Adsense page:

It basically saids the policy is at page level rather then website level. So if your website has some adult based content, don't place it on those pages and it should be fine.

According to this post from the policy team: For today, let's start by reviewing AdSense program policies at a high level:
Your content is important. We will never suggest censoring your content to meet our policies. However, we have obligations to our advertisers. If you want to post or maintain content that is not compliant with the AdSense policies, simply remove the AdSense ad code from that page. We're here to help you maintain and grow your online business.

Does this mean that i can only put Adsense on pages which don't violate this rule (e.g. how to become more productive, best places to buy a suit).

Or because i have some adult oriented content on the site (nothing pornographic) i cannot use the Adsense program at all on non-adult pages?

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