Pros And Cons Of Promoting CPA Offers, Digital And Physical Products

by amuro
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Having done internet marketing for 8 years, here are the cons and pros I discovered when promoting CPA offers, digital and physical products.

1. CPA Offers

CPA stands for Cost Per Action for those of you who do not know what it is.

It means instead of getting paid per sale, you are getting paid per lead.

While that is the pro, the con is that you are only getting paid once and if you want to make a full-time income online just on CPA offers, you have to continue finding more offers and prospects to make up whatever shortfall you are having.

Given the fact that most merchants - especially Market Health uses landing pages, it makes no sense for marketers to create their own version just to generate leads on their own.

It also makes no sense for prospects to optin twice and not in the best interest of Market Health as well who prefer affiliates to promote through their affiliate sites rather than landing pages.

This is what I discovered upon registering their account as well as some other CPA networks as well.

2. Digital Products

While promoting digital products - be it your own or others as affiliate - is lucrative, you need to be good in niche research and copywriting.

Regardless of what niche you are be it health, IM or personal development etc and whether you are creating ads, articles, blog posts, salescopy and even do video presentations.

Because since people cannot see until they paid for what you offered, they need to know what your offers are about and how or what they will benefit from buying yours instead of your competitors.

You need to build a list and email frequently to follow up since not everyone who visits your site will buy.

You also need to understand from their perspective as in their needs and wants before recommending what is best suited for them.

MOST people optin to your list just to get a free report, video or software or whatever you offered for free.

And unless you are good in copywriting, chances are they will unsubscribe the minute they received your first or if not, up to your third promotion email.

Because digital products give customers immediate access after they made payment, the vendors agree to split 50-50, 40-60 or even 30-70 with their affiliates.

3. Physical Products

While promoting physical products do not get you as much commissions as digital products and CPA offers, they tend to have a higher perceived value in the eyes of most people.

Say for example come Fathers and Mothers Days, do you think most people out there will buy e-books, software and video courses from Clickbank for their parents?

Or will they buy gifts from Alibaba, Amazon or Ebay?

If you really think about it, you should know the obvious answer as well as I do?

Just in case you wonder why promoting physical products give you lesser commissions than digital products and CPA offers, the reason is because of the warehouse staff and suppliers.

As much as companies and marketers like you and I want to make money from physical products, the warehouse staff and suppliers also want to make money from storage, maintenance, shipping and delivery.

Hence there is a cut to be used as salaries for those staff.

With that said, here are the pros and cons of promoting CPA offers, digital and physical products.
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    Very insightful. Thank you
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    Love this information
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    Good job. I'll bear your advise in mind.
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    The point I am trying to make of this thread is if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, diversification of those products is the key.

    For me, I usually promote info products in the first half of the year and physical products in the second because of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year gifts.

    Besides the usual Amazon, Clickbank and Market Health, do your due diligence by Google researching other affiliate networks as well.
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  • Hi Amuro

    You have really come a long way from being a budding affiliate marketer to an expert.

    What you shared here are all handy tips that every marketer can refer to. I would have to agree that as an affiliate marketer, one of the best ways to continually grow and also grow your commissions is to find more sources of income.

    There will surely be a lot of risks and failures but these are all essential to achieving the result you wanted.

    Again, nice share of knowledge here.

    More power to you!
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    What an informative post about the cons and pros of promoting CPA offers, digital and physical products. Thanks for sharing!
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