Greedy Google Green Ads, why!!

by Mehdib
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Hey everyone,
I think you are all aware of some visual changes we can see in Google search results,
somehow the "ads" are now almost identical to search results with the "ad" mark in the beginning.
Although that is still way more distinguishable from search results than the "ad" mark for Yahoo and Bing
but it makes it easier for user to miss and click on it.

Somehow I wanted to believe that Google with this much of cash would be thinking more about users
and what users want rather than just finding ways to manipulate decisions (well am I naive or what!!).
Google claims it is because of result of studies that shows positive feedback from users and advertisers
and has nothing to do with making more money.

This rolled out along with increase in number of ads shown from 3 to 4 and 2 at the bottom. No doubt there is no problem with
making money and trying different ways, but I think we were all hoping that Google would stay true to their user centered culture.
I guess not, and it is such disappointment. If you are in SEO, you probably attended one of the recent Google seminars about their suggested changes to
search results, to us it was all about money, money and more money and not one bit about user.

What you guys/gals think?
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