which CPA networks do you use?

by skillfull Banned
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i want to know which CPA you have been using?
am thinking of joining one but not sure which one.....

thank you
your answer would be appreciated

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    What is your goal? are you looking to promote via email, ad networks, content, blogs? What products are you looking to promote. These are all things someone would need to know in order to lead you in the right direction. Many places specialize in certain niches.
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    What is your niche or what type of offers are you interested in?

    I assume you are new to cpa since you asked this question so some of the newb friendly cpa networks would be Maxbounty, Peerfly, Globalwide Media should get you started.

    At first just pick one and begin building a relationship.

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    Maxbounty it's easy to get in.
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    There are a number of questions...
    1) What payout methods can you accept?
    2) What type of payment thresholds are you looking for?
    3) What is your niche, or what niche(s) are you interest in?

    I currently use and recommend..
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    Just a few off the top of my head...

    Above all offers
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      Just a few off the top of my head...

      Above all offers
      hello i've question Have you ever heard related to the Rapid Cash Fortune? I came across it on Google Search and found out quite a few phenomenal stuff about it. A lot of my pal also advise me to look into it
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    > Instant Traffic Formula : Top Affiliate Make $568K in 30 days
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    Hi all! Of course the choice of this or that CPA network depends on many items: your traffic sources, offers you'd like to promote and geos you are working with. As for newbies Peerfly, Maxbounty, ExpertMobi are the best to start with!
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    Originally Posted by skillfull View Post

    i want to know which CPA you have been using?
    am thinking of joining one but not sure which one.....
    I tend to use private lead generation networks which are more high-end CPL orientated than regular CPA. But again if you just want to do some CPA and get your feet wet, Chris has mentioned quite a few good ones you can start with.

    Once you gain some experience you can then branch out, diversify into more mainstream markets and probably look at some of the more high-end products with larger margins such as debt, insurance, real estate, claims, mortgages, etc. But these do tend to require a bit more IM experience and compliance to adhere to.

    Hope that helps
    Read my incredible story: www.affiliatechamp.co.uk
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    Dear Friend There are many good CPA networks online and the best are max-bounty and peerfly which its very user friendly and this both pays good rate when compared to other. But making accepted by cpa companies are not difficult u need to have some marketing skills to make some good traffic for your offers.
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    Max Bounty - Great all round offers
    CPA Grip - Great for content locking which is good for viral traffic etc
    Adwork Media - International yet high paying offers

    Can't think of no more, but Max Bounty would be a great start!
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    You can find various CPA networks, but you need to join a good affiliate network. Here, I am providing you with a number of famous CPA affiliate networks that has great on time payouts, support, great advertisers.

    Clickbooth is the fastest and most familiar CPA affiliate network and also known as the oldest players in the whole industry and has received the tag of being the most reputed networks. Neverblue is main CPA affiliate network which is running effectively.It also offers us to look forward to the entire range of affiliate programs. It is also considered as the famous name in the industry and most of the well known companies running CPA Affiliate network.

    I also make use of MaxBounty which is a successful CPA affiliate network since 2004. It has stood the test of time and has become the famous name in the industry. Today, it is also one of the most popular CPA Affiliate network . At present, it contain large number of satisfied affiliates which are earning considerable amount of profit by performing CPA advertising. Some other CPA Affiliate networks such as PeerFly, W4 and CPAWAY are also trustworthy and performance driven. You can also use them. They will also provide you with the best performance.
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    1. AdsMain
    2. CPABeyond
    3. Madrivo
    4. NutraCash
    5. AdSenceMedia
    6. CPAupload
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    What about RevenueWire and Avangate? I would recommend them for start if you're looking to promote downloadable software. Which ones would you have in mind?
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    That depends on your goals,you should be a little more detailed.
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    I use C2M, Neverblue, Maxbounty and a few private networks where we deal directly with the advertiser.

    But if you are confused on what CPA network you can get started with, here's a gameplan:-

    1. Choose a Niche (Of course, Common Sense)

    2. Go to Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Programs | CPA Offers | OfferVault

    3. Enter your niche in the search engine there, Enter "Gaming" for example if you're in the gaming niche.

    4. Find the offer that you like!

    5. Apply to the Network that hosts it and get started.
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    Give theoffersource.com a try they have a ton.
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    I would recommend maxbounty or peerfly.
    "Starting is always hard!"
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    I've been using MaxBounty for a couple of years. Making Money with Maxbounty is easy if you seriously implement the right methods. I took lessons from one of the coaches that I found on YouTube. And after a month I was already making 40$/day. After Maxbounty Approval you can try Facebook Groups, snapchat for Dating offers or PPC, bing ads.
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    there are lots of good advice here. .

    I love these two.

    1) Maxbounty

    2) Adwork media.
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    Maxbounty, the offer source, b2
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    There are number of network avaliable but we prefer PeerFly. peerfly.com
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