CPA Loan offer converts on a 2-page submit.. Even if the loan is rejected ??

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Hi guys,

I`ve had some success with a CPA loan offer so I started going after `bad credit` keywords along with personal loan ect..

Then I wondered if this was a good idea as the offer says "Offer converts on a 2-page submit"

But do I that that conversion if the loan application is rejected ? Or will I only get the payout if the loan is accepted ?

Obviously if its only if the loan is accpeted I might have to rethink the keywords

Any advise guys ?

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    Offer converts on a 2-page submit means that you get paid after they submit the second page. This makes no difference what the outcome of the loan is. It just means, if the user fills out page 1 and then goes to page 2 and doesn't complete it, then you don't get paid.
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    Originally Posted by jimkirk1943 View Post

    will I only get the payout if the loan is accepted ?
    No - you get paid per lead, which is after a user has filled out the complete form on both pages. Whether the loan is accepted or not is irrelevant

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    wether the loan is accepted or not is not of your concern and doesnt apply wether you get payed or not since its 2 page submit PPL (pay per lead) the earnings are qualified for you when the lead checks the page after the optin wether its a double optin through email check or directly confirm both pages application (followup after the optin)
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