Low RPM In Adsense; Please Help

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Hi all, I have recently bought a football/soccer site unfortunately the site is on Blogger and it is too risky for me to move it to wordpress due to the RSS feeds.

The bulk of it's traffic is coming from an aggregator hence I am not willing to move to wordpress. Unfortunately My RMP in adsense is extremely poor.

I have another site that makes $150 per day in advance but this particular site with same amount of traffic and traffic source is making just $26 per day. Main reason is, the $150 per day site has RPM of between $0.50 to $1. This particular one has $0.18 RPM.

What do I need to do to increase the RMP. I am not so familiar with Blogger.

Is there anyone who will be willing to help out even if it means been paid for?

The site in question is theloosecannon.co.uk.
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