How to make money from Taboola or OutBrain ads for my site.

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Hello! Warriors.
I want to make money from Taboola or Outbrain. How to get publishers account from them. And how much they pay.
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  • You contact them and join.

    Taboola currently wants to see around 500K monthly visitors if I recall correctly. Outbrain might actually be higher then that at the moment.

    You can get in with next to nothing in traffic but you have to really know internet marketing to get in.

    You can however simply start with a network like revcontent which you just signup for and chances are they will approve you. There are also dozens of other small native companies all over that will accept you. You don't have to play in the ocean to make money. Try a smaller pond first.

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      Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I will try. How much revcontent pays?
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    taboola is more interested in page views that visitors, and where they are coming from and with what devices. 1 million page views / month is fine to join.
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    I seem to remember they only really want the big websites on their network, so 500k seems about right.

    A lot of the large newspapers use them and the traffic quality is, well, disputable in terms of quality but the volumes are massive. I'm actually running a few products through their traffic where quality is less of an issue and it's doing quite well

    But you do need to keep a close eye on the CPC as you can wake up and the floodgates are literally just open!

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    First you should know your website well. Is it a big or small? If it's a big website then here you go, just contact them and wait for their approval. If it's not big enough (<400k vistors/month), I think you should find another solution.
    You can start with small ad networks first for 2 reasons:
    1, You can take it as a trial. Just see how it works/ what you receive to decide if you should continue using ad network next time.
    2, It's much easier for you to sign up and get approved.

    Hmm. You can take a look and try one of these small but good ad networks: mediavine (normal), Gourmeads (smaller), Realkai (smaller).

    I don't know how big or small is your website so I suggest these ad networks with different sizes so you can decide which one is most suitable with you.

    Hope this helps.
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