50k view pages per month but only wins $60 USD

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Hello everyone,

I write here, because i need your valuable help!

Now i have a website, Salud y Enfermedad

This site have 40k visitors per month and have 50k pages views aprox.
All traffic is organic, from mexico, and South America.

I use Adsense to monteize.

But only wins $70 or $80 usd per month

My numbers of July in adsense are:

CPC: 0,04 USD
CRT: 1.41%
clics: 2k

I think I'm doing something wrong, or maybe I need to use another method to make money

Any tip, idea or solution for me?
Or my wins correct?

Thanks for your atention!
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  • I advertise in Central and South America on AdWords and that looks about right for CPCs. Generally I'll pay anywhere from .01 to .10 and that .10 is on the really high end. Things average out to about .05 for most of my rather generic targeting.

    I would move my focus from Adwords and attempt to promote a few affiliate offers and see if that won't bring in a little extra.

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    Hey Nachosoft,

    Just went through your website - for starters here's what you can do.

    Remove the extra ad units in the article body and keep only one - at the very top, just under the article title. You already have an ad unit there, but it needs some changes.

    1) Choose text ads only - image ads don't convert as much.

    2) Put text around the ad unit - currently the article content does not covers the ad unit ... the content starts after the ad unit - which leaves white space next to the ad.

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    Make sure you have been using your Adsense for the following method,

    - Up to three AdSense for content units
    - Up to three link units
    - Up to two search boxes

    If you used this method then you can probably get some decent earning according to your site traffic
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    what's the website topic and where are your visitors from? I only ask as I cannot read the language on the website.

    It might be a combination of the type of visitor and the quality of visitor which will determine your Adsense earnings.
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    I guess you can try some other networks then Google adsense. Adsense has best pay outs but at the same time they also look for quality visitors. If you don't have quality visitors then adsense won't benefit you. That is what my assessment is.
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    Why don't use use CPA/CPL offers to promote on your site?
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    In all of the big blogs I have seen, Google adsense is always the lowest income source. Even if you shift your ad box from here to there, you can't create an income source that feeds you and your family.

    Have you tried building an email list?

    Your traffic numbers are impressive. And if you haven't yet started building an email list -- you are missing a gold mine.

    Create a free product, and use pop up box or a scroll box to offer it in exchange of an email address. Set up an auto-responder and sell affiliate or your own products through a series of emails.

    Well, I know it's easier said than done. But there is tonne of information available on this forum that teaches you the nitty gritty of the above described income source.

    My 2 cents.

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      I agree with you about google Adsense income. It was true that, lot of traffic, backlink needed for huge AdSense income. Sometimes it more difficult and need lot of patience.
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    Why not add CPA offers? may be will generate better income
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    The best thing you can do is find some CPA offers to promote that will fit the traffic type. Adsense is pocket change compared the amount you can make off targeted cpa offers.
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    Hi, when I first started I got similar metrics than you.

    The problem is that for your niche, Adsense is not the best option.

    CPM ad networks will give much better results.

    When I first started I used Adsense for nearly a year, after that, I realised that I was getting very little money from my 300,000 monthly page views.

    Then, I changed to a CPM network, Monumetric, and I increased my earning a 250%.

    Please. ask me more if you need it. I'm also Spanish speaker =)
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    I also think your problem is your niche, you need to get far more than 50k views for gaining more money with a website like that, maybe you could expand the niche adding some other things, try to talk more about common diseases of South America, people there is using internet a lot for searching that kind of information, but you need to talk about the thing that worry them.

    You could conduct a small research on Google trends to see what are they looking for and use that information.
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