How to get Facebook to approve Weight Loss Ads

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Hey guys,

I have a large list in a random niche (basketball training).

The other day I sent out an email to the list about how to lose weight (for basketball performance), just to see how my audience would react.

Well, it was some of the highest engagement I've ever seen.

Now since these are warm leads, I want to target them on Facebook with the product I sent them to.

Only problem is I highly doubt Facebook will approve my ads for this Clickbank product.

I know a lot of people find loopholes to get around so they can advertise products like the 3 Week Diet and venus Factor, but does anyone know how they get approved?

Any examples of headlines you'd recommend?
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    Most of the time people are cloaking but it's a risky game. Can you afford to lose your Facebook account?
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    I am a Personal Trainer and it is nearly impossible to run any kind of ad for the clients I usually attract! Nearly every fitness related ad gets pulled, very very frustrating!

    Thats why I gave up and moved across to selling dog gifts online lol!
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    Weight loss is a hard one to get into on sites like Facebook, but if you have your own page setup and have traffic going to it Facebook/instergram allows you to create ads leading to your group, so in saying this I would create an ad leading to your own Facebook page then do your advertising on your page.. It's the simple way of getting traffic.
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    Hi there,

    Remember Facebook change their rules a few weeks ago. Now you can't use the typical image like "before and after"

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