How much to spend in Adwords to continue to have specific results in Google Keyword Planner?

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Google officially throttling Keyword Planner data for low spending AdWords accounts
Not a big AdWords spender? You may notice a lack of data in your Keyword Planner account.

Earlier this week, some marketers noticed that Keyword Planner data was displaying ranged data instead of precise search volume. The ranges were wildly broad, with results like "100K-1M" and "1M+." Some wondered whether this was merely a glitch or if this was a calculated measure that favored higher-spending AdWords advertisers. Today, Google confirmed the latter.

At the end of June, Keyword Planner was acting up, and many users got the message that they needed to have an active AdWords account in order to see the data. This, of course, drew the ire of users everywhere.

Google officially throttling Keyword Planner data for low spending AdWords accounts

In your opinion, how much should we spend each year on advertising with Google (Adwords) to get precise results in Google Keyword Planner as before?

If it's a small amount, it would perhaps be worthwhile to do so.

What do you think?
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  • Profile picture of the author aizaku
    god damn!

    i noticed this with other users months ago but it didnt affect me until recently...

    well, ive always wanted to advertise with Google's display network..

    lets see how it goes.
    -Ike Paz
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    I am currently having a big campaign with them. I think google adwords is good for campaign that need fast traffic, but not a long term solution. Unless you making a fortunate per sale.

    Best budget would be what really for you not them. Right now, I probably paying full time employee on Google Salary with the current campaign but that wouldn't last as I am already doing SEO work to get the traffic at much more reasonable rate
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