How to get free traffic to generate CPL in white label dating system

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I would like to get some suggestions about a CPL flow based on a white label dating system.

I'm trying to implement a strategy to use free traffic through facebook groups.

For example:

1) create a group in nice
2) invite people to join the group
3) post something about the nice

what can i do to bring people to my dating site?

Anyone can help me with suggestions or case study about a flow like this?
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    I don't recommend spamming others FB groups though.

    But there are sellers who uses others FB groups to get likes to their page, and those likes likes are from a highly targeted audience. Then they use that audience to get a large "lookalike" audience for better targeting of FB ads and higher conversion rates.

    Here is what they do,

    1. Create a FB page related to their niche.
    2. Find viral videos (again related to that niche)
    3. Post them in their FB page. (Not by sharing, but post by themselves)
    4. Share those posts in highly active niche related FB groups.

    They would get a lot of likes within a week or so to their page. Once they get enough likes, they will create FB ads using a lookalike audience. This audience can be highly responsive and very much profitable.

    Having your own site with great content can makes this much easier for higher conversion rates.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think you will struggle to generate any significant traction when using "free" traffic sources.

    They may not cost you any money, but remember your time is usually more valuable as well. Besides, it's very difficult to scale up so usually, using paid traffic sources is the better bet if you really want to grow any campaign and let it run on auto-pilot once it's properly finetuned.

    Hope that helps
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