Im interested, whos are using native ads successfully?

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Im hearing more and more about Native Ads lately.

Theres plenty of people saying theyre the bees knees for company advertising and they are a cheaper way of advertising on a per click basis.

I like the idea of a subtle ad that isnt as obvious and they appeal to me now that so many consumers are so aware of advertising and so much more savvy about ads in general.

Heres what I have found out about native ads:
  • They dont interrupt the UI and are marked as ads
  • Ads blend into the content more and made the experience a lot more fluid
  • Leads are usually higher with native ads
  • Less resistance from the customer

Basically, it sounds like the whole ad basically matches the function of the host channel.

I know sponsored stories have been around for ages and are essentially native ads, but Im interested how else you are using native ads successfully.

Id love for you to give me a run down on your experience using them - send me some examples of what has worked for you as well.

Thanks everyone..
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