Little ROI on dating offers

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Hello Warriors,

I'm promoting adult dating offers from the network clickdealer.
After a lot of work i'm seeing some ROI in my campaigns. I was using 5 landing pages and 5 offers, so after optimisation of landing pages, traffic source and offers, i'm able to see some success on my campaign. Now there are 3 top landing pages and 2 top offers that are getting me $5 daily by spending $2.
I know this is not a big ROI but I think its time to scale up the things so i want some advices from senior members of warrior forum to suggest me some best traffic sources for adult dating offers. I know there are experienced warrior members, those are best as STM forum members.
I have tried exoclick but hard to find some conversions please suggest me some sources other than exoclick.
Sorry for any mistake in vocabulary as english is not my native language.

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