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I'm starting CPA marketing with facebook ads , My 1 and only question I can figure out is when to kill or scale the ads, For example, lets say I have a $200 email submit offer i want to promote, I place the ads and monitor it, When should I determine if its a dud or scale it? Is it after 100 clicks? is it after $3 spent with no conversions? Is it after 100 impressions with no conversions? I'm pulling my hair out, Will someone PLEASE help
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    There are a few ways to go about this

    1> Set your spending limit and kill after you hit it
    2> See after how many clicks you convert 1 (try this with a few offers) then set as a rule after x amount of clicks kill it.
    3> If you do not generate any clicks within firs few days then kill it.
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    You can use some math and data to figure out what you need. This is a formula that I use to quickly gauge if a campaign has potential to be profitable.

    You need to look at the EPC and Commission. The formula is
    (Commission / EPC) 100

    For a campaign that has $.30 EPC and $13.50 commission.
    Divide 13.50 by .30 which is 45
    Then multiply by 100 which is 4500

    So using the EPC, when can "guestimate" that we should earn $13.50 for every 4500 clicks.
    I then compare that to the estimated cost per click to figure out if it has a good chance of being profitable.

    If you are using a squeeze page in conjunction with your campaign then you can turn the tide more in your favor than what that formula suggests. Those new optins carry value as I'm sure you know.

    I hope this method helps, it helps me from wasting a lot of money.

    Also, if you are analyzing a new campaign in the network, the EPC won't be available. In this case I will find similar campaigns with the same pages before I get paid and kind of landing pages to make a good guess.
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  • Hi,

    I was about starting a similar thread when saw this and I think I should be part it. My blog is and I decided to promote the blog yesterday via facebook page cadgist. Reason for running an add is because I intend to provide cad services online.I have recorded some success using some market places like upwork and peopleperhour, although this is not enough.

    I noticed improved traffic on same blog today with no action taken after 24 hours of ad campaign (cpc) . It's my first ad and was wondering how long it will take to befor client will start making order.

    Other concerns are are; Is this niche really profitable (shall I look for another niche)? Will the the use of free blog make this difficult ?

    Please I need help from more experienced warrior members to guide show me way forward. Perhaps this niche is not profitable and I need to look elsewhere like affiliate marketing or copy writing.

    I shall be very grateful to receive your advice.

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