Would Effective Advertising Make Net Profit?

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I hear all over the place that if you advertise effectively, you can actually make a decent return, simply by having advertised.

For example, a lot of sites and networks seem to offer incredibly cheap advertising that would almost have to give a net profit. Even here on Warrior Forum, with high quality traffic as compared to many other sites, the cost for 300,000 impressions for the given price would seem to be a great investment if one could afford it and had a high quality site on the other end.

However, I was actually thinking of trying out Reddit to start with. I do frequent Reddit, and their cost for 1000 impressions appears to be very minimal... Has anyone else tried advertising on Reddit, or here on Warrior Forum, etc? How did it work out for traffic to your site, as well as revenue? Thanks so much!

P.S., I have looked around for info on how to advertise more effectively, but what sources would you guys recommend for help in this area?
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    Oh, I actually didn't specify what I meant to really ask here. If a site has a specific product they aim to sell, of course they'll want to make net profit.

    But suppose you were advertising for a site that made all of its revenue off of ad clicks/impressions and had a decent CPC, etc? Because that's what I'd be advertising. A forum, and another site that offers some free content for users to print out, etc. Thanks again.
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