What is better adsense and affiliate links on a starting blog?

by Julio
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I think I know the answer of this question but I want to know from others.

What do you think is better for a starting blog adsense or affiliate links?
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    IMO, when starting a blog, have no ads. Build your audience first, build trust first.

    Then eventually once you have a steady userbase and steady traffic, then add your ads. IMO try both, see what makes you more money.
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      Thanks everyone,

      I have been testing them both but I don't have enough info to know which one is best to use. I'll have to wait a bit more to gather more info to analyze.
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    Both are good source of monetizing your website. If you are completely newbie than starting with adsense is very good option. Otherwise if you are aware o affiliate marketing than affiliate marketing works great compare to adsense.
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    I agree with Chrisba but among the two, I will have to go first with Adsense.
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    I think the best is not to have any to start with Give advise Perhaps after 30 or so posts put in a few but keep it to give more advise then selling. You want people to come to your blog not leave it Robert
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