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My CPA referral link is way to long. How can I make it shorter and not look like a referral id?
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    U can shorten it using
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      You can use a simple php redirect for this:

      First buy a domain or use and existing one, (you can use a sub directory too), then put this code into a file on that domain:


      Save that file as whatever you want then link to this file and it will redirect to the site using you as the referrer.

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        PPC Coach is absolutely right on the money. You should always be in control of your redirect links and instead of a url shortening site. If that site is down for any reason you are virtually out of business. It's very easy to just buy a domain and redirect yourself like he gives in the example.
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      Originally Posted by John34 View Post

      U can shorten it using
      This has been commonly used and often times avoided (especially those who are aware of affiliate links) because people already know the the thing behind it.

      Have a landing page would be more professional... And or, having a domain name that would redirect smoothly to affiliate links is better...
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    Buy a domain & redirect to it its very simple & safe
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      Redirect works for me. I never click any links with tinyurl, it is as obvious as an affiliate link.
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        Thanks for the information guys. I do have a domain name but I am not sure what you mean by putting the code into a file for the domain. Where would this file be?
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            I do one of two things:

            1) Use


            2) HTML meta refresh.

            I have ONE generic domain name, eg: "", and I use separate subfolders for each affiliate link. I create an index.html file with a meta refresh.

            So, if I had a ringtone affiliate link, I would have...


            Then, in the ringtone folder I would place an index.html file with an html redirect code (Google it) in the file.

            I prefer this to a php redirect because it will also often "wipe" the referrer info, thus keeping your landing pages more 'private'.
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              Exactly as monty states above...that's the right way...
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                  Originally Posted by Luke Sample View Post

                  If you are only going to use one redirect and don't have the need for many different ones at one can use domain name forwarding.

                  This is done through your registrar and doesn't even require you to setup a domain on your server, or have refresh code, or upload it, etc. I would say it's the easiest way to redirect for anyone who only needs 1 and doesn't know how to code a meta refresh or header redirect.

                  All you need to do is visit your registrar (godaddy, namecheap, etc.) and select the domain forwarding option. You then just just select the domain you want redirected and type in the domain where you want the user to go. Done.
                  I think Google hates when PPC advertisers use redirects. What do you guys think?
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          Something that I just found after a long time struggling with protecting affiliate links, adding greater flexibility, and making them more appealing might help you out as well...

          Take GoDaddy for example...I purchased a couple domain names from them and what you essentially do is this:

          1) Go to GoDaddy account (or whatever you have) and click on "My Domains"
          2) Click on the domain name you'd like to work with
          3) Click "Forward" in the top menu bar above the domain
          4) This will take you to "Forwarding" and "Masking"
          5) Under "Forwarding" Tab enter your affiliate link
          6) Select "301 Moved Permanently"
          7) Then go to "Masking" tab and check "Enable Masking"
          8) Fill in the "Masked Description Meta Tag"...the "Masked Title"...and the "Masked Keyword Meta Tag"

          From there, you should be good to go...

          This allows you to forward your sweet looking domain to the intended site without changing the URL address, as well as protecting your affiliate link, and providing greater flexibility with promo...

          Hope this helps...It seems to be a great solution to what I was looking for and if I could prevent some of the struggle that I went through for someone else...I'm happy!

          Take care,

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    I'm definitely no cpa expert, but I think the 'masking redirect' suggestion above is against the TOS of most CPA networks.
    I'd play it safe and check w/ your AM before you do that.
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