Challenging issue. I'm stumped! :( (facebook advertising)

by Edge88
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Guys and gals!

I'd really appreciate your input into this enigma. I'm really desperate to make this work

Short version: I am buying facebook traffic and not a single click is becoming a lead.

No so short version:
I am purchasing facebook traffic to three products. And although they have excellent landing pages and are proven products in the market, I am not getting a single lead!!! I recently purchased nearly 1000 clicks shared among these products and nothing.

I am linking directly from facebook to the affiliate's landing pages. I am doing it with a redirect and masking the affiliate link, via a godaddy masked forward.

I thought this may be the issue. But I have taken the FB ad URL and sent it to friends and asked them to click on the CTA (learn more), get to the landing page and fill in their email. They have done this and every time a lead instantly showed up in my affiliate account. But when I run my ads not a single lead converts. I'm stumped because it's really impossible for any of those landing pages to get so much traffic and not a single lead convert. In fact here's the breakdown

1- Make up artist course
An insider who worked with this producer told me their landing page converted 30% of the facebook traffic into email leads.
I achieved nearly 300 clicks for this course. The affiliate network registered 200ish and 0 leads.

2- How to import course
Top 20 most sold course that week and other weeks in the affiliate network. Their landing page has a 45 minute video and nothing else before he pushes you right to the checkout page. I expected the conversion here to be low.
I achieved over 600 clicks for this course. Not a single person got to the checkout page as evidenced by my initiate checkout pixel that is properly installed and fires when I test it.

3- Earn as an affiliate
I'm in touch with the producer of this course as I know him through a personal connection. He told me his landing page converts 50% of the facebook traffic into email leads. It's a damn fine landing page, and this guy is a course selling whiz in his market.
He himself is stumped at this point and is checking with some contacts to see if someone will take a look
I achieved 105 clicks to this landing page. 0 leads. Since I know this producer personally he threw my "lead" pixel in his lead success page. swell guy. I can see he is getting tens of thousands of leads a month. But I didn't get a single freaking lead.

My targeting is nothing fancy. Women for the makeup course, men for the affiliate course. etc. I'm also targeting the correct geographical markets. I'm getting a very favorable CTR because of doing a great job with the image and capturing attention. But the copy is 100% congruent with the offer on the landing page.

This almost feels like I bid way too little on taboola and they showed my ad in all of those pages that trick the browser hardcore into clicking on ads they never meant to click on at all. But I know you don't really have this issue with facebook.

Ugh. I'm really desperate here guys. I would really appreciate any input and I will test your hypotheses if anyone can help!
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    I have some updates.
    I went on another network and took another product that is ranked number 1 on the network. It sells!

    I did not go through any cloaking. Just used my
    Affiliate link directly in the ad.

    510 clicks and 0 conversions.

    Anyone out there ever seen anything like it??
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    Hey man,

    This sounds like you could have an issue with your conversion pixel. Make sure you go through the flow and use the FB pixel helper browser extension to troubleshoot.

    Also 51 clicks is not a ton of data so I would suggest you try and collect a bit more data and create a conversion lower down the funnel to optimize to.

    The other thing you could try is to test ad variations to educate people before they click through.
    - Use video, FB is rewarding this ad type
    - slideshows to get more information across
    - FB also just released messenger ads that this might work for.

    Best of luck, hit me up if you have any more questions.
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      Thanks Paxton. But I think you misread my post. It's 510 clicks. not 51.

      Also, The pixels are fine, I do use pixel helper. And I was looking in the affiliate network, ~500 clicks and no conversions there either.
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    I would send the traffic to a squeeze page and offer a bribe (cheat sheet, blueprint, etc...) related to the offer to get their email address. Then on the thank you page, you could have a video that pre-sells the offer / link to the offer.

    You could test retargeting those that don't sign up for the bribe.

    Follow up with those that don't buy via email and retargeting them.
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